Introduction to Firearms

10/03/2019: Introduction to Firearms

Class Date/Time

Date - 10/03/2019

5:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Uncoiled Firearms
30305 Schoolcraft Rd
Livonia, Michigan 48150


Call us at (248) 662-5744

Also known as our Beginners class, this class focuses on teaching the less experienced students all about guns.  You learn how to safely handle guns, make sure they’re unloaded and how to work a gun.  We cover shooting fundamentals and answer any gun questions.  This class has been a huge success, especially for first-time shooters.  A great class to work your way up to our concealed carry class.

Introduction to Firearms

Date: 10/03/2019

Time: 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Cost: $50

Deposit: $10

(balance of $40 due on day of class cash or credit)

Registrations are closed for this class.

  • No Pressure

    Learn all about firearms in a safe environment.  Training is done with dummy ammunition inside of a classroom.

  • Small Class Sizes

    It’s more like a discussion about firearms, and everyone can see and try all the fundamentals.

  • No Experience? No Problem!

    This class was designed for people interested in learning more about firearms who have little or no prior experience.

  • Try Shooting After Class

    Want to experience what shooting is like?  Stay after class to shoot with an instructor for a discounted rate!  This part is optional.

What You'll Learn

Rules for safe firearm handling
How firearms work
Loading / unloading
Common phrases and what they mean
Shooting Fundamentals
How to hold the firearm
How to aim
Process to buy a firearm
Considerations before buying your first firearm
Safe storage
Must-have accessories


Learn how firearms operate and more importantly, how to operate them safely


Confused about the difference between 9mm, .40 and .45?  What does that really mean?  Learn all that and more


Knowing how stuff works is one thing, but understanding why is equally important.  Learn the physics behind shooting and shed light on why guns look and feel the way they do

Firearms You'll Learn About